Get started

Some of my clients have needed some therapy work before entering into the Grief Recovery Method, and some afterwards.

I can assist you to the place that you need to be to feel safe to start The Grief Recovery Method. Once the programme has been completed on your loss, I can support you in your journey afterwards.

  • What would you like to do?
  • What kind of life would you like to lead?
  • Are there places that you would like to travel to?
  • What are your Dreams and Goals now

                                      Workshop helping clients picture their dreams and goals

These are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves after completing the programme. I have been inspired by my clients as to the ideas that they come up with! Building houses in Africa, Swimming with Sharks, or just calving out time for themselves in life.

Together you and I will look at where you are currently after GRM, and if anything has arisen from that experience, we can work therapeutically on your challenges. With curiosity we can work together to shape the future that you truly desire. Even if, you are currently unsure what that might be for you right now. Together we can still put the foundations in place for you to feel safe and secure enough to begin your journey.

What’s stopping you?

Generally people live in a constant loop of Blaming themselves or others, Shaming themselves or others, or Justifying themselves, to themselves or others. Most fear coming to someone like for the feeling that they will be judged. And so they stay in that constant loop. (And wonder why nothing is changing!) At my first session I usually congratulate the client for their courage to step out of that loop, by taking Responsibility for themselves. You are the only person that you are responsible for!

Responsibility + Courage = Results